The Mental Health Act & You

As a service user at Active Pathways you may be admitted under a section of the Mental Health Act (1983). You will be given all the information you need about your section as is your legal right. We will let you know what section you are on, why, how long it will last and when this will be reviewed. An independent advocate can offer you support in addition to our staff team. Whilst you are at Active Pathways your care team can work with you to identify your care needs with the appropriate assessment and treatment.

The Hamptons

The Mental Health Act applies to all service users admitted to The Hamptons meaning you will be sectioned under the act. You may be detained with or without your agreement, this is for your own health and safety or the safety of others. There are different sections of the mental health act and the one which applies to you will be explained to you on admission, you will also be give information in writing for you to read.


As a service user at Brookhaven the Mental Health Act may still apply to your time here but there may be conditions in place. You may have a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DOLs), Community Treatment Order (CTO) or Guardianship order in place. More information can be found about what these mean below.

Park Place

As a tenant at Park Place you are likely to move here on an informal basis. You may have a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DOLs), Community Treatment Order (CTO) or Court of Protection order (CoP) all of which support your tenancy in the community where needed.

Your rights

You have a right to see your records including your section papers at any time.

You have the right to privacy, dignity and respect

You have a right to access a GP

You have a right to choose who attends your review meetings to support you

You will be consulted about daily living arrangements and actively encouraged to participate in any changes

You have the right to appeal against your section to the Mental Health Tribunal and or to request a Hospital Managers meeting

You have a right to see a copy of the Mental Health Act Code of Practice

You have the right to visitors and to telephone access and to correspond with solicitors or anyone involved in your care

You have a right to vote

If you have any questions regarding the mental health act & you please contact a member of your care team. You have the right to complain if you have any concerns and we will share with you the process to do this. You can talk to a member of staff, your independent advocate or the Care Quality Commission

If they cannot resolve your issue, your question or complaint will be referred to someone who can. If it is still not resolved, The Hamptons has a complaints officer who will deal with it. Your named nurse will prepare a report on your rights for care programme approach purposes.

You can also contact the Care Quality Commission (North West region) or the formal advocacy service.

Care Quality Commission
North West Region
Newcaste Upon Tyne NE1 4PA.

Advocacy Focus, 0300 3230965.

If you need more help with your rights, or more information please ask your named nurse or any other member of staff. For instance, because you need some words to be explained to you, or because you find English difficult to understand and would like to have something written or discussed in another language, or because you find reading difficult, or you do not feel well, or for any other reason.

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