Barry’s journey

Barry has been living at Millcroft for over a year now, by engaging in his support, following advice, and being responsible with his medication, he has made huge progress in this time. Barry is now looking forward to enjoying his health and independence in the future.

His key-worker, Ed, discusses his journey so far…

What were the concerns about Barry coming to a step-down service?

When Barry first came to Active Pathways, some initial concerns were that in a less restrictive environment, Barry would revert to behaviours he displayed prior to becoming unwell, such as drug and alcohol use, aggressive behaviour and criminal behaviour.

There were also concerns that he would not be able to cope with such a big change and that it would only be a matter of time before he would be recalled, however Barry has been a resident since December 2020 and has coped extremely well, even when he had to complete a 10-day Covid isolation in his room.

How many incidents where there before his admission?

Between 1998 and 2015 there had been six recorded incidents involving drugs and criminal activity, including one occasion that involved a gas explosion in his flat in 2015. In addition to this, there had been several minor incidents that we’re aware of which were not reported.

What has worked well for Barry at Active Pathways?

Having a structured environment has been key, as well as having conditions set by the Ministry of Justice which prevented Barry from using alcohol or drugs. Being involved in home life has really helped with Barry’s confidence, such as being the resident’s representative and involvement in other projects with Tanya, the OT.

Residing with other people has helped Barry refrain from destructive behaviours, he enjoys being in the company of others, and is gifted at mixing music. He has a set of mixing desks in his room, and has even provided music for several events! One place Barry enjoys is Chapel FM, a community-based radio station in Leeds. Whilst there, Barry can mix and produce his own music, as well as presenting on the station itself.

We’ve recently implemented different stages for self-administration of medication at Millcroft, Barry has positively engaged with this and is working hard towards stage 5 which will be mainly independent.

Have there been any incidents since his admission?

There haven’t been any major incidents with Barry since he joined us at Millcroft. He has refrained from using alcohol and drugs, and instead enjoys the occasional non-alcoholic beer.

How is Barry doing now?

Barry’s community mental health nurse and social worker have both been very pleased with his progress, while remaining cautious of going too fast without reflection. Barry is very motivated and looks forward to a bright future.

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