Glen’s journey

In February, Glen joined us at Brookhaven with a diagnosis of non-organic psychosis and epilepsy.

Glen has a 29-year-old son and he used to work in a shoe factory. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with us so far and has made great progress. He has even had support getting his home ready.

“I really enjoy being at Brookhaven because I feel that the occupational therapists are really good at helping me with activities, and I feel more and more confident about returning home” says Glenn. His occupational therapist, Liam, had this to say:

Our aim at Brookhaven is to help our service users to gain confidence and independence before returning to the wider community”

His favourite activities include cooking and baking, but he has really liked meeting new people and making friends. He is looking forward to more trips in the future.

Brookhaven is a 23-bed adult age nursing home in Preston providing an open-rehabilitation, complex care service to individuals with enduring mental health needs.

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