Savannah’s Journey to Recovery

Meet Savannah, a valued member of the Brookhaven unit at Active Pathways. Savannah was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder and has struggled with her mental health for over five years, spending much of that time in hospitals. Despite these challenges, Savannah has always been a naturally caring person who wants to help others find their value and move forward positively.

At Brookhaven, Savannah has found a supportive environment where she can thrive. With the help of the occupational therapy (OT) team, she has taken on the role of therapeutic assistant, using her innate caregiving skills to support and inspire others. She has also taken on the role of the voice of the people, giving a voice to others who may feel less confident in sharing their ideas. In addition, Savannah has reconnected with her passion for music and art, which has brought joy to her and others at Brookhaven.

The OT team notes that Savannah has brought positive energy to the unit and has inspired others to become more active in their journeys. Known for her supportive nature, she has participated in two charity drives and is passionate about helping others. She is truly a special person who has made a positive impact on the Brookhaven community.

Savannah’s journey to recovery is a testament to the positive impact that Active Pathways can have on the lives of those we support. At Brookhaven, Savannah has found a nurturing environment where she can be valued for who she is and use her unique skills and talents to help others. Active Pathways is proud to have Savannah as a member of the Brookhaven community.

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