Occupational Therapy at Active Pathways

At Active Pathways our focus in all our services is always long-term recovery and rehabilitation. To ensure we achieve this goal, we have a fantastic team of Occupational Therapists that support our resident’s development and progress using our core values.

Leeds Focus

Over the last few months, our Lead OT, Dominique, has created a five-point action plan for the team, which encompasses our core values of always approaching all we do with hope and optimism, and keeping the spirit of collaboration as an integral part of our recovery approach.​​

To go alongside this action plan, we’ve implemented a range of assessments with outcome measures, allowing us to support our residents to improve their skills and to demonstrate their progress, if that is something they choose to do.


How does this help service users?​​

Showcasing an individual’s progress and development can increase the choice of options for community living when moving on. We work hard to develop a wide range of community links, so that residents have the best opportunity for continued integration and developing balance in their routines.

Alongside all the other work our OTs do, they’ve also been developing our approach to functional and environmental risk management to support a more robust and safe approach to activities. This process involves conducting individual risk assessments, and promotes a long term and realistic approach to risk, allowing people to sustain a long-lasting recovery and avoid relapsing in everyday situations within the community.

More from Occupational Therapy…

  • Our OT’s have been exploring holistic approaches to pain relief and good mental health and as a result held some relaxation sessions. These sessions are now being requested daily in one of our Leeds services, with one of our residents managing to completely ditch paracetamol for light pain relief.
  • We’ve found that keeping a more detailed OT board with a range of activities has resulted in a dramatic increase in engagement from our residents.
  • When it was identified that one of our residents would benefit greatly from a recliner chair, that it would improve their quality of life and general well-being, our Leeds OT, Tanya, set about fund raising, and managed to get together an INCREDIBLE £1800.
  • In addition to that fantastic achievement, Tanya has also worked hard to source free iPhones from the Digital Inclusion Project for our residents that don’t currently have their own phone. This even includes free top ups, and will help them stay connected with friends and family, promoting longevity of recovery.

If you need any information on referrals for Park Place or any of our other services, please contact Lisa.Mullineux@active-pathways.com