Katie Aspey

What’s your career background?

Prior to Active Pathways I worked as a horse-riding instructor. Whilst there, I began to meet people who struggled with mental health issues, and they found being around horses kept them stable and improved their mental wellbeing.

How long have you worked at Active Pathways for?

I started working at Active Pathways in 2015 as a student nurse on placement.

Once my placement was completed, I stayed at Active Pathways and became a support worker until I qualified. After I was fully qualified, I became a Mental Health Nurse, working on The Hamptons (Preston) and often covered Brookhaven too.

What does a day in the life of a Mental Health Nurse look like?

Each day is different due to the unpredictability of mental health, but I like to start the day with positivity and make sure this remains throughout the day, ensuring lots of activities are completed to keep service users busy and focused.

A usual day would include completing lots of annual leave so that service users get to have time off the unit and build relationships in the community.

Medications are completed by myself and I will complete MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) paperwork, service user care plans and general day to day paperwork that may come in including any incident reports.

The team also have a daily huddle to discuss any concerns people may have.

I’ll usually finish the day by giving a handover to the night nurse to ensure they’re fully aware of the day’s events.

What’s been your highlight so far about working at Active Pathways?

My highlight was definitely developing from a support worker to a nurse and being respected in my new role!

Would you recommend working at Active Pathways to a friend?

Yes, definitely. I have actually referred someone who is now a nurse here at The Hamptons too! The team and people I worked with are the best thing about Active Pathways. In my location, The Hamptons, the Team Lead, Natalie, motivates and pushes staff to do their best and has always been very supportive to me.

I will always be grateful of the opportunities I have been given at Active Pathways. It’s amazing, focused, and fun. I would just like to say to anyone reading this, when considering a job please consider Active Pathways. It’s a place where you will be welcomed to a great team and always feel like a valued member of staff.

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