A ‘SMART’ Success Story

Unleashing the Power of Co-Production at Brookhaven: A SMART Success Story

At Brookhaven, we believe in the transformative impact of co-production on our community. Today, we share a heartening tale of collaboration between our dedicated team and Liam, one of the valued individuals we support. The journey began with a simple initiative – updating our information boards to better serve the needs of individuals. What unfolded was a remarkable display of co-production in action.

Liam, alongside our team, spearheaded the revamp of our healthy eating board in the dining room. As ideas flowed, Liam envisioned an even more strategic placement for critical information, particularly our substance misuse support board. Recognising its significance, Liam proposed relocating it to the entranceway for greater accessibility.

This initiative became the focus of our self-esteem therapeutic sessions, coinciding with a discussion on setting SMART goals. The result? A comprehensive SMART goal plan that outlined the steps needed to bring this vision to life. From coordinating with our site manager, Sam, to securing budgetary and operational support, every detail was meticulously planned.

The journey doesn’t end here. Keep a keen eye on the upcoming phases of our co-production project, promising further positive impacts on the Brookhaven community.

Together, we’re not just creating change; we’re living it.

For more information or to make a referral to Brookhaven or to any of our other services, please contact Natalia at Natalia.Lysiuk@Active-Pathways.com