About Active Pathways

Active Pathways Ltd has been operating in Lancashire and Yorkshire for over fifteen years as a Mental Health and Learning Disability provider for adults aged 18-65 years. We are focused on delivering recovery focused mental health services within innovative, creative, and inspiring environments.

Operating in Lancashire and Yorkshire

For over fifteen years as a Mental Health and Learning Disability provider for adults aged 18-65 years.

Our services have a clear purpose which is to be a centre of excellence for mental health rehabilitation and recovery from locked in-patient services through to independent community living. We enjoy a positive relationship with CQC and purchasing authorities and have a strong operational infra-structure provided through Active Pathways Limited to ensure that our practice remains safe, quality focused and is underpinned by robust clinical and corporate governance structures. Our services ensure a maintained balance between therapy as well as care and that the progress of treatment is outcome measurable to monitor and evaluate clinical effectiveness.

Recovery focused mental health services

We provide services to Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire CCG’s and Lancashire County Council. In Yorkshire we are providing services to Leeds CCGS who looking to place vulnerable people into an engaging rehabilitative programme. We have a passion for providing community tailored services where service-users can be supported in less restrictive environments during their recovery wherever possible. We have extensive experience of supporting people with mental health issues over a number of years and in a non-coercive way, developing relationships, managing risk and providing opportunities to improve skills and enjoy citizenship within a local community.

Our Vision

That each service user and each member of staff is entitled to and will have, their own individual and unique pathway designed by them with the support of the organisation to get from their current situation to their desired situation. Each service user is supported to be an expert in their own mental health and each member of staff is supported to be an expert in their own development, with everyone’s voice heard, respected and acted upon.

Our Team

One Team : Same Goal. Every team member believes in our values, to be the best we can be as a service, through Quality of our Care; Safety of our People and Passion for Recovery

Step up Stand out Awards

At Active Pathways we like to recognise and reward staff who are making a significant contribution to the care we give to our service users.