Active Pathways Celebrates Double Shortlisting in Great British Care Awards

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About Active Pathways

We provide high-quality mental health rehabilitation and learning disability services across Lancashire, Yorkshire and beyond. Over the past 20 years, we’ve built an outstanding reputation for supporting those with complex and enduring mental health needs and learning disabilities.​

​Our care reaches from in-patient services through to independent community living, collaborating closely with communities and commissioners alike.  

Active Pathways staff supporting a patient

Local Roots, Regional Reach, Always People First

We don’t compromise when it comes to providing person-centred and continuous care. Close partnerships with Local Authorities, ICBs and Foundation Trusts, enables us to offer a collaborative care pathway. ​​

​​Our expertise spans both health and social care and allows us to support and empower individuals with complex needs. The pathway we create for each individual aims to arm them with hope and trust in their pathway and the people supporting them. The goal is simple, empowering them to make and maintain progress within their own community, develop vital skills and support their journey towards a more meaningful and fulfilling future.​​

​​Often this support is best delivered locally, but where sometimes it can be beneficial for the individual to break from their immediate environment for a time, we recognise this and are flexible in our approach.  ​

A Personal Pathway to a Brighter Future

Every individual follows their own pathway where triumphs, challenges and progress are unique. From those in our care to our teams on the ground, we believe in supporting individuals along their journey to a brighter future.​​

For too long an individual’s care experience has often been disjointed by hurdles the health and social care system can create. Through our growing network of residential and supported living sites and our inpatient hospital, we can accommodate every stage of the care pathway. From inpatient care, supported living and community outreach we are able to smooth the path and remove some of the barriers as individuals progress. We believe this builds better outcomes for all, for both those we support and our commissioning partners.​​

Our passion for helping people progress goes beyond those in our care. Being a part of our team brings a route to opportunity, growth and career development in a culture where everyone is valued and respected. ​​

An Active Pathways house interior

The Way We Work 

Everyone matters, everyone is heard and everyone is respected. ​​

​​When you work with Active Pathways, this guiding mantra shines through in the way we work, the language we use and the behaviours we show.  ​​

​We count on all our Active Pathways colleagues to help people take life-changing steps – sometimes big, sometimes small, and sometimes it’s not easy. Our amazing colleagues provide crucial help that many people would find challenging to give.  ​​

​​We know this, and that’s why our whole organisation is shaped and focused around enabling our team to do their best work.  By supporting and caring for our team we free them to deliver the very highest quality to the people in our care. And for those people in our care the hyper-focus our team brings can be life-changing: setting them on a pathway to a brighter future and happier, more fulfilled lives.  ​​

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality and our beliefs shape the way we communicate and nurture relationships with the people in our care, their families and professionals we work with. From sharing our learnings, innovation and implementing best practice to collaborating with partners, we are dynamic, ready to meet new challenges with the energy and passion that those who work with us know and love. All our work is within carefully created governance frameworks, to continuously improve and redefine the quality of our care. For the people in our care, quality means support that’s compassionate and responsive to their needs, drawing on our wider organisation to engage the right support at the right time.  ​​

​​For commissioners, quality means our responsive and flexible approach to the changing needs and challenges of those we support.  ​​

Passion for People

Each pathway does not always follow a straight line, people with complex needs sometimes require clinical interventions and expertise.  We bring the weight of 20 years of experience from across the health and social care spectrum to ensure we manage risks and provide the right support that is matched to each individual’s needs.  ​​

​​When individuals have access to a safe and compassionate environment, there are fewer limits to the progress they can make. That’s why we strive to maintain a safe, welcoming and positive space where both our team and those in our care can thrive. ​​