Activities at Active Pathways

Activities at Active Pathways

At Active Pathways we know how important it is for rehabilitation and recovery to make sure that we always have a robust timetable of activities available for our residents to participate in.

Therapeutic activities help individuals learn life skills, create and maintain a routine, instils a sense of achievement and self-worth, and promotes social skills and communication. This range of benefits compliments the pathway to recovery perfectly, which is why we believe it is paramount that we keep evolving and evaluating the way we promote and carry out our activities.

What type of activities do we do at Active Pathways?

We operate a variety of activities at Active Pathways, so that people can get involved in as many or as few as they choose. We find that by running them regularly, and responding to residents’ feedback, we’re able to maximise engagement within our services and subsequently benefit individual’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Some examples of our regular activities that promote independence and integration in to the community are IT Skills Workshops, Employment Sessions and weekly Moving On groups.

Alongside these groups, we also run a constant stream of daily activities, these range from mindfulness and relaxation to cooking and pottery classes! Some of these have seen huge success, with residents requesting more of the same.

A firm favourite amongst staff and residents at our Preston services is our weekly coffee mornings. Time is spent bringing staff and residents together in a group setting, just for a morning coffee and a chat. This can involve reflecting on the previous week, looking ahead to the future, or just general conversation. We also try to use this time to search for some good news stories, and to learn how to interpret the news in a positive way, this gives an opportunity for the whole team to come together and give advice and support in an informal way.

What do we have planned?

Over the next few months at Active Pathways, in addition to our regular activities, we also have a few bigger events planned, with our annual Pride event, Sports Day and an OT Fayre all on the agenda, keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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