How rehab worked for John

John is a 43 year old with a history of schizophrenia, polysubstance misuse (including opiates) and PTSD from his time in the army during Bosnia war.


John’s symptoms of psychosis started at a young age when his brother reported that John would talk at night as if someone was in the room. There were no other concerns and John did well in school. He was very particular about his appearance and was popular socially. John joined the army at age 17yrs where he did well but unfortunately started using substances to cope with the stress of dealing with incidents in Bosnia (for example, mass graves). John spent 3 months in military prison due to drug misuse. This eventually spiralled into a cycle of drug misuse, flare up of psychosis and non-compliance with treatment leading to several admissions.

Positive transition from The Hamptons to Brookhaven

John was admitted to The Hamptons from an acute ward in June 2018 where he initially had difficulty in engaging but soon developed good relationships with staff and peers. There were incidents of aggression and drug misuse and the MDT continued to engage with John using a variety of options- medical, psychological, behavioural management strategies, therapeutic earnings. With persistent engagement, John began to gradually develop an insight into his risks and presentations to an extent that he started utilising unescorted leaves. John continued to maintain a good relation with his family members which he clearly values. We noticed a caring side to his personality and a good sense of humour, something we could draw upon to have meaningful engagements with him. Within a short span of 6 months, we were able to confidently step him down on a CTO to our open rehabilitation service at Brookhaven.

In John’s words

John was happy to share in his own words his journey working together with the teams at The Hamptons and Brookhaven:

“Rehab worked for me because I wanted it to. I wanted to be clean off drugs in order to get back with my family”
“The Hamptons and Brookhaven showed me the path, all I did was walk down it”

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