Celebrating Pride at Active Pathways: A Conversation with Scott on Embracing Diversity and Championing Equality

Pride presents an opportunity to celebrate, reflect and honour the diverse experiences and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community. At Active Pathways, we aim to do more than simply changing our logo to reflect this month-long celebration; we endeavour to deepen our understanding and active participation in the cause.

In the spirit of Pride, we turned to Scott, our Capacity and Flow Coordinator at Active Pathways. Scott generously shared his personal insights about what Pride means to him, how he celebrates it, and how we can continue to foster an inclusive environment at Active Pathways.

Scott explains, “To me, pride is a celebration of diversity and LGBTQ+. It is about reinforcing equal rights for all people and living a life that is authentic and true to yourself – without shame.”

His words remind us that Pride is more than a month-long event; it’s a lifetime commitment to living authentically and a testament to diversity. Scott’s perspective reflects his experiences of acceptance and love, particularly noting, “Having these people close to me at this time of the year really means a lot – especially when they accept you for who you really are!”

As a member of Active Pathways, Scott carries this ethos into his professional life. When asked about what Pride should mean for Active Pathways, he highlighted the importance of respect and inclusivity. He expressed, “I think personally, just remember that we are all equal and continue to treat each other with as much respect as possible; and have fun while doing so!”

The idea of ‘fun’ resonated when Scott shared a heartfelt moment of unity at Active Pathways. “It was amazing to see residents and staff put together a pride party… Active Pathways is inclusive, passionate and understanding when it comes to equality.” Such moments encapsulate the spirit of Pride we aim to maintain throughout the year.

The observance of Pride isn’t simply about celebration; it is also a time to acknowledge and respond to the unique challenges faced by the LGBTIQ+ community. According to a study by Stonewall and Mental Health Foundation, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are more prevalent in the LGBTIQ+ community. For example, Stonewall found that in the previous year, half of LGBTIQ+ people had experienced depression, and three in five had experienced anxiety. At Active Pathways, we recognise these challenges and are committed to creating a supportive environment that addresses these issues.

As we celebrate Pride, we also reflect on how we can better support our staff and residents. Scott’s words serve as a poignant reminder, “We are all equal but different at the same time – we are all unique in our own way – so let’s continue to celebrate as much as possible and continue to thrive!”

Pride for Active Pathways, as exemplified through Scott’s experiences, is about ensuring everyone feels valued, diversity is celebrated, and fun and respect permeate our environment. This Pride Month, let’s carry this spirit throughout the year and beyond, ensuring that Active Pathways is a place of equality and respect for all.

To our LGBTQ+ team members, individual we support, and allies, Happy Pride Month!

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