How rehab boosted my confidence

Over the last few months we’ve spent some time chatting with some of our service users in various Active Pathways rehabs and supported living accommodations. Everyone’s journey is completely different, and we wanted to be able to share some of those with you…

One of our service users, diagnosed with a personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, has been with us for just over two years and has demonstrated great progress. During their time here, the team at Park Place have supported them to join the community and helped with their medication – in turn, boosting their confidence.

They say that one of the activities that has had the most impact was “boosting my social life by joining groups and courses at Leeds City College doing design and build. During my stay I have periods of low mood due to my mental health, but the team have supported me through these difficult times”.

This service user also has plenty of hobbies and interests that have aided their progress. They said, “I enjoy getting books and records from town and have a passion for reading into psychology as this fascinates me. I enjoy listening to all types of music and especially enjoy listening to it when I’m reading”. They also enjoy collecting model trucks and have related goals for the future, saying: “it’s an aspiration of mine to be able to pass my driving test and to hopefully get a job within this field”.

The most important things in their life are their cat, Luna, and their family: “I spend a lot of time with Luna and enjoy having her company. I enjoy spending time with my brother when he visits and share my passion of being a truck driver with him.”

Park Place is a purpose-built supported living development located in Leeds. Our service users and residents are at the heart of our person-centred recovery-based model.

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