Muzzy’s journey

Before coming to Brookhaven Muzzy had lots of thoughts to strangle himself and was regularly reporting hearing voices and was very anxious when he arrived. Through the assessment process our team identified a high use of Benzodiazepines; we worked with Mussy to reduce his doseage in view of his over sedation and over time have seen improvements in his level of anxiety, agitation and reduced reliance on medication.

How did we help Muzzy at Brookhaven?

At first Muzzy felt very anxious about using public transport but with support he did manage to start going on his own.  Muzzy said, “staff were very helpful and understanding and now I’m looking forward to the future and thank all the staff for helping me get to where I wanted to be”. It’s clear that Muzzy has improved confidence and independence, sharing that,

     “I’m now going to the gym, going to the shops; made friends; one of my peers doesn’t want me to go”

Whilst at Brookhaven Muzzy has been through the recruitment process for our therapeutic earnings programme and has worked numerous shifts working with our kitchen team which he has thoroughly enjoyed enabling him to also earn some money.

On Muzzy’s last day…

Muzzy shared with Annie, one of our support workers how he felt at the end of his journey with us at Brookhaven:

“after around 6 weeks I felt a lot more settled, staff were very helpful and able to distract me on bad days when the voices were telling me to do bad things, staff would offer games to play or put music on that would help me to relax and to distract me”