Overcoming suicidal thoughts

Our residents are referred to us from a variety of different settings, some have previously been in crisis and are stepping down, whilst some have been living more independently and require extra support to build their skills and learn coping mechanisms. Regardless of their history, we always strive to provide a safe setting where residents can grow their confidence and work towards a better quality of life, where their diagnosis is under control and they have enough coping mechanisms and a good enough understanding of their triggers to live a full life.

One of our service users has been with us for just under two years now, with a diagnosis of EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder) and a history of attempted suicide and self-harm.

They have made remarkable process since joining us in 2020. When reflecting on their progress they said:

“During my time at Park Place the team has supported me with coping with my urges to self-harm and commit suicide, as well as the voices in my head. They have helped me by attending doctor visits and attending sessions with the OT at Park Place. This has benefited me massively by developing positive ways of dealing with my voices and my urges to self-harm.”

Their self-confidence and self-esteem have grown significantly – in turn improving their relationships with friends and family, and their social life. They have also progressed professionally: “I have a stable job working within mental health and have recently been promoted to a Senior there. I am working towards finding my own place and looking forward to being able to have my son over more.”

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