Rebekah’s journey

Rebekah has lived in our Active Pathways, Leeds, service for over a year, and as she approaches her moving on date she spoke to us about her time at Park Place, how she adjusted, and the skills she learned that will help her on the rest of her journey…

“I came to Park Place around 18 months ago, at first, I struggled to adjust to the new environment and team and I have a diagnosis of both Autism and EUPD (emotion unstable personality disorder).

During this time the team have helped me develop positive coping methods for when my emotions become heightened. As well as developing my social skills by supporting me to groups and to different activities out in the community. This has led to a boost in my self confidence since coming to Park Place, I now volunteer at a support group called Battle Scars, which was a group I attended for support myself. I have also started working on a panel as an expert by experience advising other professionals on what is in the best interest of other clients. That has really helped me boost my self-confidence and esteem, pushing me towards applying for a full-time admin job at Battle Scars. Which I am feeling extremely positive about.

My family and social group are extremely important to me but can also lead me to becoming burnout. The team at Park Place have worked with me to develop positive boundaries with my family and social group which has made the relationships more positive. I enjoy looking after my nieces in my flat and the staff will support me during this time to do activities. Making the experience enjoyable for both me and my niece, as well as decreasing my burnout rate.”

Park Place is our purpose-built supported living service, with 11 apartments perfect for encouraging independence. Every apartment is beautifully fully furnished, meaning our residents can move in quickly and easily.

We have a staff apartment with a communal space where the staff are on hand 24 hours a day should residents have questions regarding their welfare, any other support needs – or simply would like to drop in for a chat.

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