Champions Newsletter

March 2019: Key Achievements for Milestone 2

Key achievements/ developments so far

Through continuously driving and monitoring our appraisal and supervision numbers, both services have achieved the best figures to date for 2018 and are consistently achieving and exceeding their 80% target- Led by Katie Pilkington and Claire Sehari

Benefits include staff receiving consistent clinical and line management supervisions ensuring that as a service we are committed to embedding a culture of learning, development and time to reflect on clinical practice.

Implementation of new service objectives for 2018 – 2019-led by Katie Pilkington and Syd Coombes

Benefits are that team appraisal objectives have also being linked to the service objectives as have the Champion development actions so that all team members are involved and engaged with contributing to hopefully achieving the wider services objectives.

Continue to update the teams ‘you said/ we did’ poster through ensuring we continue to respond to all team requests and concerns- Led by Debbie Claire

Benefits include: The management team continues to review all team requests and responds wherever possible; the ‘you said we did’ ensures that the teams can visibly see the changes made as a result of their requests.

Progression on ensuring the whole team are completing x4 therapeutic 1:1’s a week in order to meet our KPI target of 80%- Led By Katie Aspey and Ann Beeharry

Benefits include-Whilst figures have fluctuated, milestone 2 saw both services achieving 100% demonstrating that these therapeutic 1:1s are becoming more embedded within the service.

                          Brookhaven have recieved 100% for January, February and March for 1-1 sessions: Brilliant work J

Key achievements/ developments so far

Relative/ carer survey completed so that the service can ensure we are providing our service users relatives with all the information they need and involving them in their care where appropriate – Led by Maariyah Karoliya 

Benefits are that the survey produced mainly positive results and some encouraging feedback including: “In my experience all staff members do a fantastic job. J has had a very high standard of care and we are very satisfied in all aspects of his stay at The Hamptons.”However it also highlighted some areas of improvement and also that the caring champions should review both the content of the questionnaire and how we ensure we gain more relative feedback

All new confidentiality agreements are in place and signed by service users in line with GDPR guidelines – Led by Kay and Abbie

Benefits include, ensuring our service users are aware of how their information is used and who it is shared with in line with the new GDPR legislation

Team to receive in house personality disorder training – Led by Caring Champions and Claire Sehari

Benefits include..Improved knowledge around management of service users with personality disorder and assisted to improve associated stigma with this diagnosis

Key achievements/ developments so far

We have ensured that best practice guidelines and updates are taken through the Clinical Governance meeting.   Minutes from these meetings are shared with the teams – Led by Claire Sehari

Benefits included ensuring as a service we are keeping up to date with relevant guidelines.  These are then circulated to the teams for their information and if necessary action; for example, care planning or care interventions

We have developed a service user transition guide. This short pamphlet highlights important relevant information about what happens when someone moves on and useful contact numbers of relevant community services or support networks – Led by Dave, Wesley and other service users

Benefits include: Transition and discharge can be a stressful event for people.  It is hoped this document will be a useful document that service users can refer to during this period of time and after to aid them in settling in to their new home.

We have reviewed the accessibility audit and actions from this – Led by Maariyah and Katie Pilkington

Benefits include: Using this audit tool it has helped highlight some areas for service improvement to ensure we meet required accessibility guidance

We considered whether the ‘care certificate’ could be made available to our service users.  Unfortunately this is recommended for employees that work within the health care sector.  However we will be looking into whether there is something similar that could be offered to our service users – Led by Claire Sehari 

Benefits include…Offering education and training to our service users will enhance people’s awareness, knowledge and meaningful experience of recovery.  

Key achievements/ developments so far

We have relaunched our efforts to collect evidence that service users have a full weekly planner to support them have meaningful occupation throughout the day. This involves staff offering activities on and off the units and also recording any declined opportunities. We had to relaunch because we felt that our previous approach needed tweaking to make it more effective. Previous difficulties are that staff across that shifts are not sure/ forget to record activities that are being undertaken by the service users. – Led by Shaz, Adil, Victor, Julie, Sharon

Benefits include…We have developed a more visual template that will capture the number of activities / engagements made available to each service user and also see how much and what is being declined. This will allow staff to see and measure meaning engagements based on service user choice and responses.

We have made efforts in expanding our community networks, to allow services users to have positive affiliations with some community based organisations. For example a few of our services users visited a charity organisation based in Brockholes. They engage service users in projects and offer a variety of arts and craft opportunities. – Led by Adil, Karen, Shaz, Neil, Michael (SU)

Benefits include… A team from the charity at Brockholes recently visited active pathways. They were really impressed with the opportunities that could be put in place to promote engagement and occupation. As a result they will visit once a week for 2 hours to try and start projects that are meaningful to the service users.  

As part of our drive to ensure that there is meaningful occupation seven days a week (in line with the 5 year forward report) we have carried forward some of the actions into mile stone 3. This will help us monitor strengths and weaknesses of the system. – Led by All Responsive champions

Benefits include… More work is required to make sure that activities are rolled out every day. Staff are encouraged to start using the activity room on Brook haven more as most of the furniture has been purchased. Adil will be starting a drive to engage service users in that space.

New initiative– The Responsive Champions are planning to start cooking session for all run by our head chef Sam. These will enable service users to come see how certain foods are prepared or cooked. This will be starting soon and plans are underway to see the logistics to make it successful – Led by Sam Dupuis assisted by all Responsive Champions.

Key achievements/ developments so far

Safeguarding tags have been implemented for files – Led by safe champions

Benefits include…Staff will be able to easily identify service users that have an open safeguarding

SUI files implemented on both units – Led by Debbie

Benefits include… Staff will be able to discuss and reflect on lessons learnt more frequently rather than waiting till monthly meetings to hear about them, helping to develop a culture whereby safe practice can be improved. 

Ensure appropriate paperwork in place for those on self-medication – Led by Harry

Benefits include…Individualised for the service user. Raises staff awareness of who is on self medication. Least restrictive option and promotes recovery and independence

Regular medication audits taking place – Led by Claire

Benefits include…Highlights areas for improvement and what areas staff are exceeding in. The audits ensure the safe management of medication and contribute to effective medication management

Analysis of agency and bank worker hours and cost with a drive to reduce agency use in particular – Led by Katie Pilkington and Caroline Cowell 

Benefits include…In line with Active pathways service objectives this gives us the ability to monitor agency and bank shifts which then allows us to monitor trends and act on them. This supports ensuring we continue to deliver a consistent and safe service to our service users through our permanent staffing teams