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Active Pathways provide a range of high quality recovery focused mental health services for adults aged 18-65 at The Hamptons, Brookhaven and Park Place. Our service ethos is centred on the belief that everyone using our services should be able to lead an active and fulfilling life. 

As an organisation we are committed to putting rehabilitation at the heart of everything we do.  Our main focus is upon promoting mental health recovery within a safe environment with an appropriate level of care, support, supervision and structured intervention.

Individualised, Person-Centred, Care Packages

At Active Pathways, we create opportunities for our service users to move into more independent living and toward a point of discharge wherever possible.

We also recognise that the gap between hospital care and community living can be a challenge for some people and often increases the likelihood of relapse if not carefully planned and sensitively managed.

We ensure that service users are firmly in control of their recovery, by creating individual programmes based on their goals and aspirations, whilst supported by our highly skilled staff team. Our community services are designed to empower service users by providing opportunity and hope through active recovery programmes.

Step Down

Step down goals are considered from the point of initial assessment and all care pathways are developed in collaboration with the service user.

Progress against set goals and objectives are monitored through the Care Programme Approach (CPA); where we work in close collaboration with Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Local Authority to identify suitable step-down placements.

We recognise our responsibility for ensuring the safety of service users and the wider community when considering step-down from restrictive hospital care. At Active Pathways we work to identify and minimise clinical risk, provide a supportive environment and reduce stress and anxiety experienced during the step-down process.


Building on our work in complex care and rehabilitation projects, we are developing models of intensive supported living which take service users out of institutional environments and support them to develop the life skills and confidence needed to live as independently as possible in the community.

Our service users will receive a comprehensive package of care and support that will enable them to live with independence and self-reliance whilst:

  • Staying healthy and safe
  • Managing their money and maximising their income
  • Contributing to and take part in their wider community
  • Taking part in meaningful activity, working and learning
  • Enjoying their life and feeling a sense of achievement
  • Building self-esteem and confidence

Working collaboratively with service users, their families, care coordinators and local commissioners, Active Pathways provide suitable care packages to support service users in their recovery.

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